Since 2009, Diamond Baseball – Simcox Academy has a record that is simply unmatched. Over 200 athletes have signed to play college baseball and 23 have gone on to the pros.

Marketing players to scouts and recruiters has become big business. Diamond supports players in a number of ways.

  • Teaching players the correct way to market themselves
  • Supporting players and teams on social media
  • Maintaining strong relationships with Prep Baseball Report, Perfect Game, Triple Crown, Baseball Factory and other showcase, tournament and recruiting organizations
  • Nurturing existing relationships with college coaches and continuing to build new connections
  • Building player’s profiles and networks
  • Showcasing players to college coaches and scouts

The Simcox Connection

During Coach Larry Simcox’s coaching career, over 100 players signed pro contracts while nine were first round picks. Simcox has coached 15 players that have played major league baseball during his time at Ole Miss and the University of Tennessee.

Coach Hoch

Brian Hochevar has been involved with coaching at the college, junior college, and high school levels for over 35 years. During that tenure, many of his players have gone to the next level of Division 1, Division 2 and professional baseball.

Together, Coach Simcox and Hochevar help propel athletes to the next level. With their combined years of playing, coaching and networking, athletes are showcased to coaches, recruits and scouts. To date, over 200 players have gone on to sign to play college ball. Twenty-three have made it the professional level.

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