Diamond Baseball Foundation

Diamond Baseball Foundation is an extension of Diamond Baseball Inc. Diamond Baseball Inc. provides a comfortable, high-caliber and professionally run training facility that teaches young men and women the fundamental skills of baseball and softball. Diamond Baseball Inc. strives to enhance the enjoyment of sports training for the whole family. Diamond Baseball Inc. will be active in and supportive of community events whenever possible.

Diamond Baseball Foundation was created to: 1) receive donations and charitable contributions for the purchase of equipment, supplies, and other such items needed to maintain the services to the community in which Diamond Baseball Inc. already provides; 2) provide a tax deduction for those donating and contributing; 3) to provide scholarships to under privileged youths desiring to partake of the services provided by Diamond Baseball Inc.

The scholarships and equipment will allow those, who otherwise wouldn’t be able, to participate in the sports activity of baseball and softball. The scholarships also will give those who have a true talent the opportunity to excel and develop their skill into a gratifying and sustainable future.

Our staff consists of retired professional baseball players and graduated college softball players, coaches with years of experience in playing the two sports, thus well able to teach, coach and lead youths to a positive lifestyle, self-confidence and a sense of camaraderie. Since the beginning of time, sports have been a positive influence on youths. We feel that quite a few of the underprivileged kids we will provide scholarships for will be swayed from going down a path less successful if without the sport.